ETZ11 Manual

  • Adapter onto the camera: Align the red dot on the adapter with the white dot on the cameras. Rotate anti-clockwise to lock it in. Make sure your camera is switched OFF before detaching/attaching the adapter.
  • Lens onto the adapter: Align the dot on your lens with the red dot on the adapter bayonet. Rotate clockwise the lock it in.
  • The adapter is compatible with most of the original party lenses and most of the third-party lenses from Tamron, Sigma, Samyang, Viltrox, also manual lenses with and without electronic contact from Zeiss Loxia and Voigtlander.
  • Most of the menu options are workable with the adapter. IBIS, AF-S/AF-C/ MF focus modes are supported, also auto aperture and AF-F real-time focus tracking.
  • Under low light or other situations that is harder to focus, centre single point AF or center-area AF.
  • During video shooting, or human and animals shooting, eye and face detection function is suggested to be turned on, as well as auto-area AF to get optimal user experience.