ETZ21 Pro Firmware

ETZ21 Pro

  1. Download the firmware below.
  2. Unzip the file if it is in zip format. When you see the file is in .bin format it’s already ready to use.
  3. Copy the .bin file and paste it onto the top directory of a formatted XQD/CF/SD card. Do not change the name of the .bin file.
  4. Mount the ETZ21 Pro and and a Sony lens onto the camera.
  5. Insert the card into the camera.
  6. Go to ‘Setup Menu’ -> ‘Firmware Version’ -> ‘Update’. Do not switch off the camera while updating.

Date Firmware Version Details Link
19th Feb 2024 V1.34 1. Solve the problem that the transfer of SONY FE PZ16 – 35G F4.0 electric zoom toggles is not valid.
2. Solve the problem that SONY 70-200GMii can not automatically focus after manual zoom.
Improve the overall stability of the use of couplings.
3rd Jan 2024 V1.33 1. Improve battery draining issue when used with certain lenses
2. Improve focusing performance of telephoto lenses e.g. Sony FE 300mm f/2.8 and 70-200mm FE II, on the telephoto end
3. Improve overall adapter stability
10 Sep 2023 V1.26
  1. Compatible with three brands of lenses: Vitrox, Meike, and Yongnuo.
  2. Improved the efficiency of low-light focusing.
  3. Targetedly optimized the focus performance of Sigma 14mm F1.4.
  4. Targetedly optimized the focusing performance of Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 G2, correcting the problem that the focus ring is unavailable at MF and the aperture no longer shrinks when it is smaller than F8.
  5. Targeted optimization of Sony 16-35 F4PZ, correcting the problem that the electric zoom cannot be used.
  6. Targetedly optimized the focus performance of Sony 90mm 2.8 macro.
  7. Improved the overall focusing stability of the adapter.
8 Aug 2023 V1.23
  1. Continuous shooting slows down when the aperture is fully open.
  2. Some Tamron lenses cause the screen to flicker.
  3. Sigma DGDN lens focuses too slowly.
  4. Large zoom such as Tamron 28-200 and other lenses with long-focus end focusing performance.
  5. Exposure difference between pictures during high-speed continuous shooting.
  6. Focusing performance of ultra-large aperture lenses, such as Sony FE50 1.2GM at full aperture.
  7. The aperture display of Zeiss Loxia lens and Voigtlander VE lens is wrong.
  8. When the lens aperture is smaller than F5.6, the first picture freezes during high-speed continuous shooting.
  9. Optimization and use of lens travel buttons.
  10. Optimization and use of lens custom buttons.