MTZ11 Manual

  • Adapter onto the camera: Align the red dot on the adapter with the white dot on the cameras. Rotate anti-clockwise to lock it in. Make sure your camera is switched OFF before detaching/attaching the adapter.
  • Lens onto the adapter: Align the dot on your lens with the red dot on the adapter bayonet. Rotate clockwise the lock it in.


  • The autofocus is achieved by extending/retracting the bayonet of the adapter (and the lens). The aperture and focal length cannot be controlled via the camera. Users will need to use the zoom and the aperture ring on the lens for focal length/iris control.
  • All AF Area modes can be used EXCEPT ‘Pinpoint AF’. Do NOT recommend using Pinpoint AF for focusing.
  • The aperture value on the camera can be varied between F/1.4 – F/5.6 and correct metering can still be achieved. AF performance (speed and accuracy) of the lens may vary between these aperture values and users are recommended to test and use the optimal value for their setup. If you are using lens at f/2.8, we suggest you to match the camera aperture value to f/2.8. If you are using the lens at f/11, we suggest you to use f/5.6 in your camera aperture. If you are using the lens at f/0.95, we suggest you to use f/1.4 in your camera aperture. It is a general explanation and does not apply to every lens. Highly recommend you to do some testings to come up with the best combination (AF speed and AF accuracy) for your usage.
  • Since the adapter will take over the focusing mechanism of the lens and so in most of the time, what you need to do is park the focusing ring of the lens at infinity focus, at let the adapter do the autofocus for you.
  • When using with telephoto lenses, a pre-focus is recommended. That is, turning the focusing ring of your lens to coarsely focus on the subject, then use our Megadap adapter to do the final precise focus.
Saving the focal length into EXIF
  • Use aperture-priority mode and change the aperture value on the camera to the respective values shown on below table. Take a blank shot and then switch off the camera. The adapter will save the corresponding focal length associated with that aperture value into the EXIF.
  • Aperture Value Focal Length
    F/6.3 10mm
    F/7.1 11mm
    F/8 12mm
    F/9 15mm
    F/10 16mm
    F/11 18mm
    F/13 21mm
    F/14 24mm
    F/16 25mm
    F/18 28mm
    F/20 35mm
    F/22 40mm
    F/25 50mm
    F/29 75mm
    F/32 90mm
    F/36 135mm
Other functions
  • Aperture Value Operation
    F/40 Adapter parks at fully retracted state
    F/45 Adapter parks at the max. extension
    F/51 Adapter parks at the last focus spot


Firmware Update
  • Prepare a Micro USB cable and a Windows/MAC computer
  • Download the firmware at the firmware page.
  • Unzip the file.
  • Connect the adapter to your computer and a new drive will appear (like any portable drive). Copy and paste the file you unzipped into the drive. Do NOT need to remove the original file in the drive.
  • Eject the drive  (VERY important step)
  • Unplug the USB cable and the upgrade is completed.

Following lenses cannot be mounted on Megadap:

  • Leica Noctilux M75 F1.25 ASPH
  • Leica Elmarit M28mm F2.8 ASPH
  • Leica Summilux M90 F1.5 ASPH
  • TTArtisans 50mm f/0.95

Conditional use of these two lenses that the tripod interface marked by the red circle must be removed:

  • Leica M90 F2 1st version
  • Leica M135 F2.8 1st version